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King Faisal University



The department was established in the academic year 1406 A.H. the program is designed to meet the needs of the businesses as well as community demands. It consists of different tracks, which are related to business administration and management. The location of this program is characterized by having a cluster of cities around AlHassa. in this area there are many international, as well as a business organization, are operated. The program is approved by the university council in 1998, and the council of higher education in 1998. The first batch of students was accepted in 1406 Hijri. The program was first started to provide a bachelor's degree in project management and changed to Business Administration after that to meet job market needs.


To be an excellence program in business administration specialization and in its various tracks at the national and regional levels.


Providing students in the program with a distinguished educational system that align with the academic quality standards and maintaining a stimulating environment to support creativity and innovation for preparing graduates in different tracks of management who characterized by distinctive knowledge and skill, having the ability to engage in labor market, participating in sustainable community development, enriching of scientific research activities and contributing to the department's community partnership.




1.     Developing educational outputs that meet the community needs.

2.      Enriching the department's programs with specialized courses on bachelor's and postgraduate degrees.

3.     Obtaining academic accreditation from the local and international accreditation's organizations.

4.     Creating of a high quality academic environment to attract and retain top talent.

5.     Enrichment of scientific research activities in the department.

6.     Developing of research partnerships, cooperation agreements, and professional confessions for various departmental paths with the local and international bodies.

7.     Developing students' knowledge and skills in various fields of management.

8.     Mainstreaming the entrepreneurial spirit and business ethics among graduates of the department.

9.      Strengthen the department's contributions to community partnership.


Quality Policy in Management department:

Management department is strictly implement its quality policy as well as the Deanship of Development & Quality Assurance policies, procedures. The department expect that all faculty members should comply with these policies and doing the following quality activities:-

·  Ensure that the course's material being delivered according to the course's specification that approved by the management department.

·  Using of effective and innovative teaching strategies that support the achievement of the course learning outcomes as well as continually developed its specification.

·  Applying of effective evaluation strategies that aligned with the course's learning outcomes and support the achievement of the course's ILOs as well as continually improved its specification.

·  Complete and delivered all quality requirements like course report, course file according to the DDQA templates and period.

·  Effectively participate the course evaluation process and all quality workshops & seminars held by the department by the end of each semester.

·  Effectively participate in all training & developmental workshops organized by the DDQA or the department.

·  Effectively participate in all community's programs according to the university, college and department plan.

·  Working with the research's teams and fully comply with the scientific research & publishing standards.

·  Regularly renewing and updating the data of the researches & published papers and information required by the department, college and university.

·  Ensure that the course materials updated and developed regularly according to students' evaluation feedback and scientific development.

·  Using of diversify as well as effective methods for the assessment of course's learning outcomes.

·  Regularly check and act according the course's developmental plans that included in the previous year's reports.

·  Effectively participate and engaged in all department's developmental committees.

Continually applying the best practices in teaching, learning assessment, research and community engagement