King Faisal University


​​Opening speech

Induction day, College of Business Administration

Dear student,

We would like to congratulate you on your acceptance into the College of Business Administration at King Faisal University. We warmly welcome you and wish you a successful academic life filled with challenge, determination and excellence, God willing. The university student is one of the most important people to invest in in order to contribute after graduation to the progress of his homeland and nation. The preparation day program is presented to the student ( E) New important information about university life, the study system, and the electronic systems that the student needs in his studies at King Faisal University

And you will do it during the program

By meeting your new colleagues and a number of current students

*Learn about the college’s programs, available majors, graduation requirements, and a number of necessary academic subjects

*Learn about the services provided by the university

Know what is expected of you inside and outside the classroom

Providing the opportunity to answer all your inquiries

The College of Business Administration is happy to provide advice and assistance to the student at any time he needs it.