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King Faisal University

College of Clinical Pharmacy

The purpose of the Academic Affairs Committee is to ensure proper academic administration and smooth delivery of the Pharm. D Program starting from orientation of new students about academic  program, student registration for courses in the program and planning for the academic calendar and schedules for examinations, if approved by the college council. The committee will work in liaison with the Deanship of Admission and Registration. The  Committee is also responsible for implementation and periodic evaluation of the academic advisory system of the college


Roles and Responsibilities:

·         Initiate and recommend to the Dean,  policies and procedures, as per university guidelines, regarding smooth delivery of academic programs and students’ advisory system of the college

·         Organize and implement effective academic orientation program for new students.

·         Follow-up of students during registration process and helping them to resolve the related issues.

·         Preparation and review of the college time tables for both  male and female sections as per university calendar

·         Prepare detailed rules, regulations and instructions both for faculty members and the students regarding program delivery and assessment, as per university guidelines, by the start of  the academic year

·         Monitor the teaching and assessment schedules and address any issue and  resolve the problems that could impede the educational process.

·         Monitor student attendance and examine their excuses  for absences and withdraw for approval or disapproval.

·         Prepare, periodically review and disseminate, a set of instructions and rules for conduct of final exams for both students and faculty members and ensure their implementation in smooth manner.

·         Monitor and regulate final semester examinations through a sub-committee constituted by the Chair

·         Supervise the entrance of the final results into the banner program and delivered to the Deanship of Admission and Registration after approval by the Dean of the College.

·         Prepare/activate, implement and monitor, the academic advisory system in the college and , student portfolios, in coordination with Academic Advisors of various student groups.

·         Prepare database of students based upon their academic and co-academic activities, attitude and their conduct, for recommendations for placement for training (IPPE,APPE) as well as for future recommendations.

·         Organize and implement student development activities (such as lectures on Writing the CV, How to overcome exam anxiety…etc.) in coordination with the College Committee for Activities and the Deanship of Students’ Affairs.

·         Any other responsibility, assigned by the Dean