Sunday 08/03/1442 - 25/10/2020

College of Clinical Pharmacy




The purpose of the Curriculum Development Committee is to monitor, evaluate and continuously improve the study plan so that it will fulfill the college mission in general and lead towards achievement of the program outcomes in special. The committee will liaise with the Quality Assurance Unit for feedback and will design and implement strategies for final revision of the study plan within the framework provided by national and international accrediting bodies, based upon input from the faculty, students and stakeholders to address the new needs of the community; and to be in step with recent advances in the knowledge and practice of pharmacy.


Role and Responsibilities:


·         Review NCAAA, ACPE and CCAPP standards and University rules and regulations, and make clear policy and procedure for development and amendment in the study plan for approval by the Faculty, College and University Council.

·         Continue assessing the changing needs based upon feedback from the stakeholders, alumni and recent advances in the pharmacy practice, and modify program objectives accordingly, if needed,  for upcoming revision of the study plan

·         Apply approved policy for  improving consistency and integrity across the study plan by regular evaluation of the content of study plan, based upon members reflections and input from the faculty member teaching the courses, departmental recommendations, results of student surveys (at the end of each semester), and feedback from the stakeholders

·         Liaise with the QAU for their recommendations based on various survey reports, after the end of every semester.

·         Thoroughly review the departmental recommendations for amendments in the specific course in the Study Plan received during the teaching sessions, and approve and recommend to the Dean for approval by the college council.

·         Draw up plan for revision of the study plan and recommend additions, deletions  or revisions of courses and providing documents in support of the recommendations.

·         Thoroughly review the recommendations on new course- proposals and recommend to the college council.

·         Review and recommend new educational and assessment techniques to support excellence in both teaching and training.

·         Bench-mark all the amendments/amended study plans with those of Colleges of Pharmacy from Gulf region and with those from USA (ACPE guidelines)

·         Seek remarks and recommendations from stakeholders for amendments in the study plan

·         Review/incorporate /discuss recommendations made by the College Council and University Committee for Study Plans

·         Assist and guide the faculty members, from time to time, on matters such as course planning and development of blue prints before the beginning of each semester.

·         Ensure the optimum delivery of the courses as per blue print prepared.

·         Liaise with the Committee for Community Engagement for modification in the courses/addition of courses so as to achieve the desired learning outcomes/program objectives through service learning