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College of Clinical Pharmacy

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    Roles and Responsibilities

    ·         Develop quality assurance (QA) policies, procedures and yearly plan (calendar) for all domains of education and training, administration, research and community service, and  prepare schedules for activities, and provide copies of these to all faculty and administration well in time, after approval by the Dean

    ·         Disseminate awareness  of the concept of  quality assurance and its various components like filling the survey forms, among students and staff.

    ·         Develop and periodically review performance standards within the framework provided by NCAAA, and striving to meet those standards in practice.

    ·         Conduct regular periodic self-evaluations (SSR) to determine the extent to which it meets the set performance standards in practice, and use the results of such evaluations to improve practice in education, training,  research and administration.

    ·         Prepare Program Specification after major modification in the program.

    ·         Prepare Annual program  reports, with appropriate evidences in place, for Internal  and external evaluations

    ·         Plan, or respond to the plan by the University regarding Internal or external evaluation of quality standards

    ·         Prepare Schedule for the visit of evaluators, and hold orientation session for the faculty and students for interaction with the evaluators

    ·         Implement the recommendations resulting from internal and external evaluations within predetermined time lines

    ·         Keep staff, students and University administration informed of the evaluation results and efforts being made to implement the recommended improvements.

    ·         Review, summarize and enlist the accreditation requirements of NCAAA and other International accrediting agencies, prioritizing the actions needed with timeline and person/committee  of responsibility

    ·         Monitor, supervise evaluate the above from time to time, submitting report to the Dean

    ·         Hold course report presentations after completion of courses (end of the semester: beginning of next semester) and forward the recommendations to the concerned departments for discussion and onward transmission to curriculum development committee

    ·         Maintain course file, for all courses, as per NCAAA requirments

    ·         Hold workshops on various quality matters like course planning, construction of aims, objectives, learning outcomes, filling of course specification and course report templates


    Some Activities of QAU

    ·         Collecting course specifications from each course coordinator at the beginning of each semester.

    ·         Collecting course reports from each course coordinator at the end of each semester.

    ·         Preparing and maintaining Course file for each course updated in each semester containing all necessary documents

    ·         Educating students regarding response to the survey forms, collecting different types of questionnaires for courses and program  followed by statistical analysis and recommendations made to the concerned for improvement.

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