Thursday 07/02/1442 - 24/09/2020

College of Clinical Pharmacy


Chair Of the Committee



Dr. Tamer Shehata​

Coordinator of the Committee







Dr. Anroop Nair


Dr. Mohammed Abdou


Dr. Hany Ezzat



Dr. Heba El-Sewedy



Rakan Naser  (Male students)



Khaled Waleed Al-Soweagh (Male students)



Hussin Bo-gbara (Male students)



Musaab Al-Audeel (Male students)



Abdulmalek Balgoname (Male students)



Ramlah Abdullah Alkhars (Female students)



Bayan Ibrahim Almas (Female students)



Mariam Almulhem (Female students)



Sara Mahmoud Alsafar (Female students)



Naseem Alswialam (Female students)