Saturday 09/02/1442 - 26/09/2020

College of Clinical Pharmacy



Roles and Responsibilities

·         Help the student to maintain positive balance between academic achievement and extracurricular activities

·         Organize students orientation sessions for prep and first year students, in collaboration with committee of academic Affairs

·         Assist the students in overcoming the difficulties, they face during transition from secondary school culture to University life, and provide psychological support, if needed

·         Assist and guide the students for utilization of health and residential facilities, as and when required.

·         Assist the students for release of their scholarships through collaboration with Deanship of Students Affairs

·         Develop hobbies and skills of students with active involvement of the students and optimal use of their time.

·         Organize all activities (mentioned below) through active participation of students/student committees to promote leadership.

·         Monitor the organization and development of students’ committees, shadowing the faculty committees, according to KFU rules, regulations and policies

·         Organize educational tours for students and ensure students participation.

·         Motivate and facilitate the students to participate in collaborative team activities organized by KFU, like Health Club.

·         Motivate and guide the students to secure membership of national and international professional organizations, like Saudi Pharmaceutical Society, Pharmacy Club, American College of Clinical Pharmacy

·         Develop a clear schedule for all students’ extracurricular activities, well in time and advertise accordingly

·         Maintain record of all upcoming social and cultural events, in the Kingdom and outside the Kingdom, ensure students’ participate, and manage necessary correspondence with the organizers and the Deanship of Student Affairs.

·         Develop and implement fair, transparent  and uniform policy regarding selection of students for participation of all activities and events , inside and outside the university

·         Encourage students for sharing research activities of the COCP

·         Arrange, organize and ensure participation of students’ representatives in all cultural, social, recreational, community service  and scientific activities such as symposia, scientific trips and conferences inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

·         Provide psychological support for those students referred by academic advisors.

·         Encourage students to share their academic and co-academic experiences with the community by publishing in KFU magazine

·         Examine and recommend reward for students for their contribution in COCP administration and activities

Main Activities to be organized/carried out:

·         Sports activities:

·         Organizing class-wise teams and interclass matches

·         Organize college teams and manage participation in all University games organized by the deanship of student affair and arrange representation of the college in University teams of:

·         Collective Games: like football, volleyball, basketball and handball

·         Single-Games: like swimming, athletics, table tennis, Lawn tennis and billiards

·         Competitions for Recitation from Quran, Speech competitions, Article writing competitions

·         Arts activities: Drawing,  Photo, Singing, poetry competitions

Events to be organized

·         Welcome party for new students/White coat ceremony

·         School and community visits 

·         Community camps/activities for awareness of Health issues, medication-use issues

·         Any other National Day or Day on health issues, like Stop Smoking Day, Diabetes Day etc