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Support the university in its move towards embedding technology in its educational system to transform education into learner-centric system that is internationally distinguished in it quality and impact.  Encouraging students to assume greater responsibility for their own learning enabling them to reach their full potential through the development of a desire for lifelong learning and participate in knowledge economy development.


enhancing the quality of education, exploit the potential of technology in teaching-learning activities and inspiring lifelong learning in King Faisal University by providing e-learning services for members and support for all stakeholders, by which  it will promote excellence and innovation in order to achieve and support its role in providing high quality education in the region.

Importance Of the Unit in KFU

There is an increasing demand for adopting e-learning in academic institutions around the globe. The establishment of this unit in KFU is an important step toward integrating technology in its educational system. It shows the university will to enhance its educational services and provide a high quality education that is up to  the university reputation in the country and region. The unit will provide a fully integrated environment for e-learning.  It will combine the best tools and systems to facilitate the adoption of e-learning in KFU learning environment. The tools and technologies will be  incorporated for the development of state of the art e-learning infrastructure to offer world class user friendly online instruction delivery. Also, the unit Provides an environment for learners that can be populated with resource materials and support systems which enables international student register in KFU as off campus student (distance learning- access resources off site) and increase the number of KFU students without any extra resources.

The e-learning unit will be in charged for all the issues related to e-learning in the university. It will provide the needed training workshops to both faculty and students. Also, provide the technical support on the provided systems and tools such as virtual classroom systems for synchronous collaboration, e-content authoring and managing and class recording for asynchronous learning and above all the Learning Management System which integrate all these systems in one full reliable flexible environment.

Main Aim

Our main object is to develop and enhance the educational process by providing students with a safe, supportive and caring learning environment  using ICT. The unit provides both students and faculty members with the technology (Systems and infrastructure), support and training to enable them to learn – teach anywhere and anytime.  The provided technology facilitate communications between staff and students located in different areas. Technological education offers online education that can be delivered within the university environment and off site (distance learning) through a wide range of electronic learning solutions such as Web-based courseware, online discussion groups, live virtual classes, video and audio streaming, Web chat, and recordable classes. This will allow the students, who can’t join the university under the regular bases, to join the King Faisal University.

Goals and Objectives

Education and a high quality education is very important to any nation. It is an investment in the most invaluable resource – the human being. It is related to the future and social security of our country. Now, using technology in education is a must and a priority for almost all the universities around the globe. The unit focuses on providing e-learning technologies to faculty, students and management towards achieving a high quality education.

The unit main objectives include but not limited to:

·  Create and disseminate knowledge through a robust educational technology infrastructure.

·  Access to resources and other support systems at times and locations that suit the learner or university staff. 

·  Free the education process from the time and place restrictions.

·  Allow staff to be able to share schemes of work, lesson plans and other resources between themselves and have them accessible on demand.

·  Increase learner engagement and reduce training costs.

·  Support the faculty with the suitable tools for learning management and assessments allowing them to pay more attention to research.

·  Encourage independence and   conviviality  Raised awareness of University staff to the use of e-learning  in teaching and learning.

·  Increase in the amount and quality of educational resources available in the university. 

·  Provide an environment for learners that can be populated with resource materials and support systems which enables international student register in King Faisal University as off campus student (distance learning). These will be able to access resources off site.

·  More effective communications between staff and learners.  

·  A shift of culture towards more flexible delivery by staff to the benefit of learners.

·  Support the university to create a distance learning program and associated courses which serves students nationally and regionally.

·  Introduce e-learning and increase the cultural awareness of e-learning in the society.

·  Planning for programs and curricula developments with the help of the academic departments.

·  Support the R&D in e-learning and make sure of the QA reach the international standards.

Targeted Groups

The units programs and services targeted three main groups.

-         Students, who are the university products for the society which through the university proves its quality and gain its reputation. The unit provides this group with access to the e-learning materials through the e-learning systems. Also it provides the educational services with the help of the academic departments to the off-campus and distance learning students.

-         Faculty members, these are the producers who use the university’s facilities and technologies to inject their knowledge and experience to their students.  The unit provides this group with technical support , training and development of standard e-contents.

-          Local Society, it is one of the university’s targeted groups. The university plays an important role in it society by providing workshops, social programs, consultation..etc. The unit adds the technological dimensions for all these social services.

Third Group

(Local Society)

Second Group


First Group

(Faculty members)

·   Society organizations

-          Provide lifelong knowledge e-material, for cultural and social events.

-          Consultation

-          e-training, and adding technological view for the university programs for the local social society.

·   In campus students

·   Off campus Students (distance learning)

-    Virtual classrooms,

e-material, recordable classes, online training, distance learning

·   Professors

·   Lecturers

·   Assistant teachers

-    Training, support,

e-material development,  class recording, e-learning instruction, Develop Computer Skills.