Wednesday 11/03/1442 - 28/10/2020

Welcome to the e-learning unit Website, where you will find detailed information about e-learning in King Faisal University. Through browsing our website you will have a full idea about the e-learning infrastructure and systems, services, technical support  available for both students and faculty in order to enhance educational process.

In response to the fast development in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), e-learning was adopted by many universities around the globe as a way of improving and supporting their teaching-learning activities and making education accessible for all society members. The new technologies have created new opportunities for instructors to interact with their students; students with their peers, faculty, content both in and out of the classroom.

E-learning can be defined as the use of information and communication technology,  new multimedia technologies and the internet to improve the quality of learning by providing access to resources and services, as well as remote exchanges and collaboration. It concerns everyone; Instructors, students, pupils, teachers, employees, employers and also trainers who are themselves seeking to improve upon their own capabilities.


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