Tuesday 16/11/1441 - 07/07/2020

E-Learning Unit


  Future Plans and Expectations

Currently, the unit provides training and technical supports on LMS, and initiate a successful cultural awareness of e-learning in the university community. The unit will proceed in provide its outstanding e-learning services towards excellence in e-learning at the national and regional levels. Our future plans and expectations include:

-   Develop the e-content for the university curriculum  starting with high priority courses.

-        Continue in training the faculty staff in the university on the e-learning software and new technologies to apply ICT in  the education process.

-   Holding specialized e-learning conferences, workshops and seminars.

-   Placing a strategic plan for course delivery methods, from face-to-face courses in hybrid e-learning to totally online courses for distance learning. Scheduling courses to meet degree requirements for distance and off-campus learners.

-   Upgrade the infrastructure to support the educational technologies goals outlined in the education technologies strategic plan.

-    Provide Consultation in e-learning.

-   Create a distance learning program and associated courses with the help of the related academic departments which serves nationally and regionally.