Wednesday 24/11/1441 - 15/07/2020
 Services and Activities

The e-learning unite is responsible for all the issues related to e-learning in the university. The unit provides the needed e-learning infrastructure and systems and provides training and support to the students and faculty. The e-Learning Unit provides a number of services to the university community in order to achieve its objectives. Services and activities currently being offered by the Unit include: 

·  Cultural awareness of e-learning by organizing seminar and workshop on the benefits and impact of e-learning.

·  Work on achieving the university goals and objectives in e-learning, and conduct assessment and feedback for improvements of the adoption process.

·  Frequently conduct training packages and programs that covers the e-learning systems and staff development towards designing an effective online instruction.

·  Build strategic plans for developing and providing the unit services that are up to the international standards.

·  Control the implementation of the plans and cooperate with the related departments in the university in this issue.

·  Ensure the quality in all e-Learning activities at KFU.

The e-Learning Unit offers training for faculty, staff, and research assistants on the WebCT learning management system. We provide electronic training with the help of IT center and make it available to both students and instructors. We provide workshops, and tutorials on how to plan, design, develop, and update materials for use in online and in-person courses, and we also train instructors on how to use technology to enhance teaching and learning.

Also, to encourage the instructor upload their courses on the LMS and activate the uploaded courses on the LMS, the unit supported with the university managements distributes labtop computers to active instructors.

Regarding the technical support the unit assigned one of the university forums for information exchange regarding e-learning problems and questions. The 2009 statistics show that the university faculty and students are aware of e-learning. The number of courses and enrollments to WebCT increased extremely by the time. The Unit will activate Blackboard 9.0 soon for the staff and students to move totally by the time to Blackboard LMS.