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Preparatory Year Program

Guidance and Counseling Unit

Introduction :

Student counseling is an integral part of education process and helpful for students, as it creates the educational environment that enhances their positive behavior. It also helps students adapt to and actively integrate into activities and events that take place inside and outside the Deanship. This is achieved by finding the best and most appropriate solutions to overcome academic, psychological, behavioral, or social problems that students may face and that may be negatively reflected on their performance, and hence on the expected academic achievement.


To provide quality and integrated counseling services.


To raise the students' level academically, behaviorally, vocationally and educationally in order to achieve an effective relationship between them and the university.


  • Creativity.
  • Accomplishment.
  • Intergradation.
  • Initiative.

To develop the students' psychological, social, behavioral, professional and cognitive aspects so as to ensure that they adapt to university life.

  • Develop and enhance the students' talents and creative abilities.
  • Enhance the students' self-confidence and the importance of self-reliance.
  • Promote and develop the students’ positive behaviors, and attempt to suppress their negative behaviors..
  • Assist students with academic difficulties to improve their academic status.
  • Provide the students with a safe university environment .
  • Offer advice pertaining to psychological and academic counseling.
  • Address the causes of absenteeism among students and identify methods of its treatment.
Tasks of the Committee:
  • Meet with academically challenged students.
  • Meet with students in case of frequent absence in any of the courses of the quarter.
  • Meet with students in case of withdrawal from a course.
  • Meet with students who have received academic warnings due to earning low GPAs.
  • Address behavioral and psychological problems faced by students.
  • Deliver lectures, seminars and training courses on guidance and counseling.

Dear students, we would like to assure you that all information you provide to your counselors is kept strictly private and confidential, and no information will be disclosed to a third party.

You can communicate with the Student Counseling Committee (for male students):

Name Floor Office No. Email Tel
Mr. Yousef Mousaadeh Second 3018 0135896834
Dr. Ali Bani Awad Second 3020 0135896840
Dr. Khaled Momani Second 3022 0135896835