Saturday 11/02/1440 - 20/10/2018

Deanship Of Information Technology

Dean's message​


King Faisal University convoys many of the developments of modern electronic and moves about supporting academic affairs and administrative affairs, where Deanship of Information Technology always strives for excellence in the provision of electronic services by providing information and services of modern technology to the university and its community  as an effort towards e-leadership of the university in the transformation to e-government transactions, in accordance with the Kingdom's Vision 2030 as well as the future plan for university education in the Kingdom, 'prospects' and in line with the strategic plan of the university, as well as the operational plan of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

The Deanship aims to achieve the desired development to adopt the shift toward electronic processes, and hire the best and latest applications and computing and network information technology and other support in the educational process. The university has seen the last period many transformations in its activities in several areas, and the most important goals of the deanship application and adopt the concept of the transition to e-government transactions, in order to develop the business processes, services, and functions to increase efficiency and operational efficiency, as well as optimizing the use of technology to reduce paperwork, as well as the optimal use of resources to reduce operating costs and streamline business processes to reduce the cycle of action and reduce the time needed to be addressed, as well as the consolidation and integration of applications and interfaces to use to improve the methods of use and system integrators, as well as improve access to information to support decision-making and industry. 

And in accordance with best practice standards and technical security standards.

Our strategic plan for information technology comes from the University strategic constants seeking continuous development, and in line with the Kingdom Vision 2030, and to confirm that it is on the right track drawn by the Rulers - may Allah Almighty bless them – to achieve the welfare of all who live on this blessed land, and keep up with any global technical evolution that enhances this country presence and stature through educational institutions.​

           Dean of Information Technology

           D. Mohammed bin Saeed Al-Zahrani