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 Established Scientific Chairs at King Faisal University

​Recognizing the role of scientific chairs in achieving the active transition into a knowledge community, King Faisal University has sought to make these chairs one of its basic initiatives for the support of excellence in scientific research and the opportunities of enhancement of knowledge creativity, innovation, and development. According, King Faisal University founded a number of chairs and utilized them as a mean of transferring knowledge and modern technology. They were also used as a mean to attract local and international distinguished researchers and scientist to work for the chairs and lead their scientific research project and programs of training and enablement of national cadres in quality research fields and modern technologies, as well as the enhancement of encouraging infrastructures and environment for innovation, creativity, and excellence. Such chairs also have an impact on reform of the university’s academic plans and programs so that research and development become a fundamental title and basic goal to qualify for and accomplish.

Through its scientific chairs program, the university aims to build partnership bridges with local community institutions, of private and public sectors, which appeal to participate and contribute in achieving excellence in scientific research and higher education inputs and outputs in the kingdom. Meanwhile, the university devotes its expertise and research centre to develop its institutions, services and products’ competency and to harmonize in competitive consistency with the needs and requirements of the present time. Through scientific chairs, KFU is seeking to achieve a wider knowledge communication and stronger scientific and cooperative partnerships with outstanding scientific organization in developed counties and invest these partnerships to achieve the quantum leap in the university’s research programs and knowledge accomplishments.

Established Scientific Chairs at King Faisal University

    Approved Scientific Chairs at KFU

    • UNESCO Chair of Giftedness and Creativity and Learners with Special Needs.
    • Scientific Chair of Giftedness and Creativity
    • Al-Jazirah Chair for Journalistic Media