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King Faisal University


Central Laboratory System

It is a program that enables researchers from within and outside the university to apply for sample analysis. The program allows the applicant to determine the type of analysis, number of samples, financial support or lack of financial support. The researcher can also track the progress of the application and see the results of the analysis.


First phase of the program:

This phase is about the management of equipment in laboratories. Where each department of the laboratories enters the device-related data such as the device name, serial number, country of origin, device model, device status, device applications, device user, building number and notes.


Second phase of the program:

At this stage, the program allows the user to submit a new analysis request whether it is financially supported or not. The program also allows the manager of the central labs to add new analysis in the lab and manage the setting of the program in full details, such as the user name, central laboratory personnel, support personnel, sample recipient, laboratory administrator and laboratory technician.


Third phase of the program:

At this stage, the program provides a model for recording the data of the technicians in the laboratories and to see them in full by the manager of the central laboratories