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King Faisal University

English Center

English Language (1700-101 & 1700-121)
I.Course Description

This course concentrates on developing reading comprehension skills and deducing the main idea of texts through answering general questions and utilising contextual clues. It also focuses on improving students’ ability to infer the meaning of new words and phrases in new contexts. The course also aims at developing students’ ability to produce correct grammatical structures. It teaches various reading comprehension skills, like finding the main idea, using context to deduce the meaning of new vocabulary items, and practicing synonyms and antonyms. In addition, the students in this course will learn and practice different grammatical structures: Simple Present Tense, Simple Past Tense and Present Continuous Tense. The students will also identify and learn more about different parts of speech items, including possessive and reflexive pronouns, nouns, adjectives and adverbs.

II.Course Objectives

This course aims at helping the students to:

  • Find out the meaning of simple reading passages.
  • Answer general comprehension questions.
  • Read efficiently and increase their reading speed with full comprehension.
  • Utilise context clues in understanding order and sequencing information.
  • Figure out main idea of texts, understand details and recognise contextual references..
  • Practice and apply correct grammatical sentences.
III. Learning Resources :

Ackert, P. and Lee, L. (2005) Facts and Figures. 4th ed. Boston: Heinle.