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King Faisal University

Fish Resources Research Center


A. Aquaculture Division
Our Aquaculture division consists following units:
1. Mariculture Unit
2. Hatchery unit for fish and crustaceans
3. Fish nutrition section
4. Fish diseases diagnosis unit

Thrust areas of research 
1. Aquatic feed development program
2. Marine plant culture program
3. Commercial fish safety program​

B. Fisheries Development division
The fisheries development division consists of two units:
1. Fisheries  unit
2. Fishing techniques unit

Thrust Areas of Research program 
1. Habitat protection program
2. Fishing systems program
3. Fish stock improvement program
4. Ecosystem-based management program​

C. Marine Environment Division
The marine environment division consists of 6 units
1. Unit for the study artificial coral reef and benthic environments
2. Plankton and seagrass study unit
3. Marine biological study unit
4. Marine chemistry unit
5. Geographic information systems unit and remote sensing
6. Diving operation unit

Thrust Areas of Research programs
1. Rehabilitation program for marine environments 
2. Marine Chemical composition and chemical processes. 
3. Marine ecosystem modelling software
4. Coastal environment program