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King Faisal University

College of Engineering


​ivil Engineering Program



   The Civil Engineering program at King Faisal University, which is part of the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, was established in 1430H (2009) based on high quality national and international academic standards. The program is highly competitive and demanding and have a crucial impact on the progress, development, and the improvement of the quality and living standards in the kingdom. We believe that qualified and leader faculty members in their fields, dynamic students, international collaboration, and up-to-date laboratories and facilities are the keystones of the structure of our CE program. 

Career opportunities for the civil engineering at national and regional levels are very high because of the pressing needs to build, improve, and maintain the infrastructure. 

Our undergraduate students receive a B.Sc. in civil engineering and may become fairly specialized through the offered elective courses that covers several areas in civil engineering. The covered areas are Structure, Geotechnical, Transportation, Water and Environmental, & Construction and Engineering Management. For graduate studies, the CEE Department is currently working on establishing master programs (M.Sc. & M.Eng.).


Considering the importance and need to have and maintain high level of quality in education, the CE program, and from the early start, decided to go through and to practice the means and processes that will lead to the international recognition and accreditation. The civil engineering program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, 



Faisal Ibrahim Shal​abi, Ph​​​​D

Associate Professor and Dept. Chairman

Department of Civil and Envr. Engr.

Tel: 966-13-589-5417