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King Faisal University

College of Engineering

College Identity


The College of Engineering aspires to be recognized for supporting and sustaining the success of its community and stakeholders to contribute to the Kingdom's development objectives and enrichment of humanity.

The College of Engineering strives for providing quality services through close partnership with the community by demonstrating commitment to

v  Quality education that prepares graduates through a project-based learning with broad basic engineering knowledge to be professionals and to pursue postgraduate studies and research.

v   Quality research that leads to better solutions to engineering-related problems with emphasis on issues of national significance by working closely with industry and research centers.

As the College of Engineering realizes that different types of competitive advantages correspond to and require a different set of values, the college has selected the following list as its values based on the competitive advantages it seeks to accomplish, namely, quality and community engagement (partnership). 

The list of the College values is as below:


v  Academic excellence and freedom.

v  Assessment and continuous improvement of our programs and processes.

v  Being a collaborative part of King Faisal University.

v  Diversity among our students, faculty and staff.

v  Professional development of our students.

v  Success of our students and seek to know them personally.

v  The personal and professional development of our faculty and staff.

v  Transparency teamwork and initiative.​