King Faisal University

College of Clinical Pharmacy

Dear Respected Colleagues,

Welcome to the College of Clinical Pharmacy at King Faisal University.

I appreciate your interest in our college. We invite you to browse through our website and become familiar with the Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm. D) program that our College offers to prepare tomorrow’s clinical pharmacists.

The vision of the college is to be recognized nationally and internationally for preparing leaders in pharmacy practice, education and research with strong social commitment.

The primary mission of the College of Clinical Pharmacy is to improve human health of the community through excellence in education, research and community services. This mission will be achieved through an innovative and dynamic academic program , excellence in teaching, clinical training, and planned development activities.

The College:

-     Brings together dedicated faculty and competent students in an excellent environment conducive to teaching, learning and research encouraging intellectual and personal development.

-     Prepares Pharm D graduates who will provide direct patient care as effective team members in health care system and lifelong experts in therapeutic planning/intervention and rational use of medicines.

-     Conducts exceptional research in basic and applied pharmaceutical sciences in the fields of drug discovery, development and application.

-    Serves the community by sharing expertise with public and health care professionals and provides opportunities for continuing professional development.

Clinical Pharmacy is concerned with the science and practice of rational use of medication. It brings patients and the pharmacists directly in contact, where Clinical Pharmacists provide direct patient care, optimizing medication therapy, educating patients and disseminating health awareness. Clinical pharmacists are also responsible for contributing to the growing knowledge of human health through research.

The College of Clinical Pharmacy promotes an environment of mutual respect and collaboration with high ethical standards. We instill the key values of integrity and responsibility; quality and productivity at all levels of teaching, patient care and research.  

Again, the College of Clinical Pharmacy thanks you for visiting the website. Please feel free to browse through our web pages or visit us in person.  Contact us if you have any comments or suggestions.



  Dean of the College of Clinical Pharmacy