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The data anyone can access freely without technical, financial or legal limitations. Anyone may use, edit, and share for any purpose, without prejudice to the license or the publication of such data law -known as Open Data.


Usage License

Users of the Open data

King Faisal University allows access to open data for users of its portal at their own risk, for all users - free.


Open data user’s responsibility

Open data user is responsible for the re-use of data published in the university portal, errors related to the content and source of the data and its history.


King Faisal University’s responsibility

§  King Faisal University is not responsible for any damage or misuse exposed bodies of using open data published at its gate.

§  King Faisal University is not responsible towards open data misuse, modify or share by users.

§  King Faisal University reserves the right to delete or modify its Open data in the portal whenever needed.


Terms reuse:

§  Users should not distort the data or source.

§  This data should not used for political purposes, to support illegal activity, criminal, racist, discriminatory, Incitement, negative influence in the culture, equality, or any activity that is irregular or contrary to the habits and traditions of the Kingdom.

§  To preserve the intellectual property data, credibility and validity of their origin, users should refer to the source of the open data used via a direct link to the portal of King Faisal University.


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Instructions for Use

§  Users are entitled an easy access to open data, either through a direct keywords search or data-category classification.

§  They also have the rights to download, open, browse, filter, and use open data in Excel format.

§  Users can integrate open data with other software programs, such as smart devices, or any other applications, through File URL Link directly.