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King Faisal University

Institute of Studies and Consultations

*About the institute:
King Faisal University established the junior university for applications in the year 1430 AH, corresponding to 2009 AD, to join the link between King Faisal University and the external sectors (organizations, institutions and free government bodies) of the local seminary, including...
Material and human resources (scientific, research and technical expertise) have been prepared and harnessed, in addition to the possibility of attracting scientific and consulting expertise locally and internationally, in order to serve the strategic objectives of the university.

*Institute services:

1- The field of scientific research

Conducting the necessary studies and presenting proposals for solutions in all fields

2-Scientific consulting services

Providing consulting services in various fields through qualified cadres

3-Training and human development

Providing workshops and training courses to qualify human cadres

*Institute components:

1-Diverse colleges and centers
2-More than 3000 experts
3- A variety of extensive experiences
4-A huge database
For experts and researchers
5- Sophisticated and advanced information systems
6-Project management