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King Faisal University

Institute of Studies and Consultations

About KFIRC  

    The King Faisal Institute for Research and Consulting was established in 1430 (2009) in order to fulfill the strategic initiatives of King Faisal University in its efforts to better support research and consultancy activities and to serve the needs of the university, the community, and more broadly, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    Having at its core a dynamic model of the role of the university and the interplay between the university and the community, the Institute serves as a bridge between the research faculty, private enterprise, governmental institutions, and the public. The Institute for Research and Consulting also serves to foster collaborations between the university and its members with international partners in an effort to further the strategic goals of the university and the country.

    As illustrated in its mission and vision, the Institute for Research and Consulting is actively engaged in supporting research, fostering consultancy opportunities, promoting beneficial partnerships, and strengthening the technology and knowledge transfer process in the university, community, and international domains..