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King Faisal University

Institute of Studies and Consultations

 Institute Achievements:

Some of the institute's achievements:

Since its inception, the institute has worked on continuous achievement and increasing its resources and energies in order to continuously improve its service activities provided. The institute’s capabilities have developed year after year, and this has had a clear effect on increasing the quantity and quality of the consultations and services it offers to its clients. The institute also presented many projects to: the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Water and Electricity, the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Social Affairs and many Saudi universities.


1 - Determining the best methods for storing electrical energy produced from renewable energy sources in the Kingdom

This study was prepared in response to a request from the Saudi Ministry of Water and Electricity in cooperation with a research team from College of Engineering at King Faisal University to conduct a study to determine the best ways to store electrical energy produced from renewable energy sources in the Kingdom. This study is concerned with presenting and evaluating the latest technologies used worldwide to store electrical energy generated from renewable energy sources and to clarify their technical, economic and environmental suitability in various applications and choose the best one for application in the Kingdom


2 - Initiative to develop agricultural practices

The Research and Consultation Institute is working on an initiative entitled Development of Agricultural Practices for the Improvement of Vegetables, Fruits, Dates and Field Crops funded by the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture in cooperation with the Agricultural Research Foundation of the University of Wageningen in the Netherlands. Several colleges and research centers from within the university participate in implementing the initiative, such as the College of Agricultural and Food Sciences, the Center for Research Excellence in Palm and Dates, and the Center for Water Studies..

3 - Design and implementation of standards for Saudi good agricultural practices(Saudi G.A.P)

The project is concerned with developing a proposed approach to design and implement standards for Saudi Good Agricultural Practices (Saudi G.A.P) Of crop growers and livestock production ، We believe that these standards will help farmers achieve high levels of sustainable food safety and quality.