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King Faisal University

Institute of Studies and Consultations

 Vision, Mission and Goals

To be a national house of expertise that provides outstanding consulting services in various fields related to conducting the inspired development plans of Saudi Arabia. 

To provide outstanding research, consulting, and training services in addition to establishing sustainable partnerships with the community that contribute to national development.

1. Providing governmental and private sectors with researches and consulting.
2. Conducting workshops and training programs to develop the efficiency of the local production sectors' workers.
3. Strengthening scientific collaboration with local, regional, and international technological research centers and institutes.
4. Researching the possibilities of strengthening and diversifying national economy resources by employing technological and scientific researches findings in industrial investment to contribute to social and economic development in Saudi Arabia.
5. Informing private and governmental sectors about research and consulting services provided by KFU to build a significant relationship between the university and local community.
6. Localizing knowledge by adapting new scientific developments and technologies that suits to local environment.
7. Providing necessary support for initiatives and innovative ideas suggested by the university researchers to be implemented in the community organizations.