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King Faisal University

Institute of Studies and Consultations

Strategic Goals

1.      To provide research and consultancy services to distinct sectors of the manufacturing, investment and service sectors and to assist in the development of productivity through. research studies and consultancy services.


2.      To maximize utilization of the research potential at the university in the service of the general community .


3.      To direct research and consultancy services to national development programs .


4.      To develop the productivity of the labor force in the community through sponsoring workshops and specialized training courses .


5.      To adopt scientific and technological developments to suit the local environment .


6.      To promote education and training through partnerships with scientific research centers and institutes nationally, regionally, and globally


7.      To examine ways to strengthen and diversify the sources of the national economy as a result of scientific research directed to serve the economic and social development goals of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.