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King Faisal University

Institute of Studies and Consultations

 Our Partners in Success

Institute partners are basic component of the institute and significant part of its research and development projects. The Institute, due to its achievements and good reputation, has managed to build strategic partnerships with many domestic and international sectors to provide better services to its customers and contractors. The institute has strong and distinguished relations with the following partners:

- Ministries (Ministry of Education، Ministry of Agriculture، Ministry of Health، Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs، and Ministry of Social Affairs ).

- The university colleges (College of Agricultural and Food Sciences، College of Medicine, College of Clinical Pharmacy, College of Veterinary Medicine, College of Dentistry, College of Business Administration, College of Education, College of Science, College of Engineering, College of Computer and Information Technology, College of Arts, College of Community, College of Applied Studies and Community Service, and College of Law).

- Saudi ARAMCO, Saudi Food and Drug Authority, and King Abdul Aziz City for Science and Technology.

- Scientific and research centers of the University (Center of Palms and Dates Research، Avian Research Center، Center of Document and Administrative Communication، Water Studies Center، Center of Translation and Authorship and Publication، Camel Research Center، The National Research Center for Giftedness and Creativity، Agricultural and Veterinary Research Station، Fisheries Research Center، Science and Technology Unit، Center of Islamic Culture، and Poisons and Smoking Control).

- The General Authority of Meteorology and Environmental Protection, and Saudi Wildlife Authority

- Almobdioon Center for Studies and Research at King Abdulaziz University.
- Oxford, York, and Nottingham Universities in Britain.
- Al-Ahsa Chamber
- Irrigation and Drainage Authority in Ahsa
- Prince Mohammed bin Fahd University, Yale University, University of Ulm.
- Chicago Institute for Training and Consulting.
- Sport Turf Research Institute.
- Saudi Electronic University.







الوكالة العامة للأرصاد وحماية البيئة، الهيئة السعودية للحياة الفطرية