Wednesday 14/06/1442 - 27/01/2021

 Our Research, Consulting, and Training Services

The institute seeks to consolidate fruitful partnership and mutual benefits between various service seekers and institutions on one hand, and the university on the other hand. This emerge as the University has accumulated experience, knowledge, and material that can be shared to help various institutions and organizations to enhance and develop their sectors. 
This should lead to national development. The institute provides a wide range of distinguished services in the following fields:

1. Scientific Research
Studying, treatment, and providing solutions for all applied, social, economic, and engineering problems faced by service seekers of local organizations and institutions.

2. Scientific consulting services
in any technical or administrative discipline.

3. Training and Human Development
 throughout workshops and training courses, which help in qualifying the employees technically and administratively.

4. Commercialization of Findings 
throughout commercialization and investment of research and study’s findings.