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King Faisal University

College of Engineering



Welcome to the Biomedical Engineering (BME) department at King Faisal University (KFU). During the last two decades, biomedical engineering has been rapidly growing with the increasing demand to biomedical engineers. This branch of engineering is an interdisciplinary field that applies the concepts of engineering and technology to solve medical and biological problems and to improve the performance of healthcare communities. The biomedical industry and healthcare organization are continuously seeking highly qualified biomedical engineers. Upon that significant demand to biomedical engineers, KFU launched the BME department in 1435 H (2014 AD) to offer a bachelor degree in BME for female students. The number of students admit for BME program is multiplied year after the other which enforces the college of engineering board to continuously improve the department and keep in line with higher education quality standards. The department is currently well-equipped with recent labs and other teaching facilities. Also, highly qualified faculty members are happy to teach excellent students in our department and guide them to get started in their careers after graduation. As a part of KFU, BME department is very keen to contribute verifying the KFU vision. Our department aims to be one of the leading BME departments locally and internationally through distinct KFU-graduated BM engineers and planned researches. The BME department at KFU is currently adding research facilities and planning to offer a master degree in biomedical engineering next years.

Prof. Nahed Solouma

Department Chairman