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King Faisal University

College of Medicine


The prime aim of post-graduation internship training is to provide a thorough clinical exposure to our students in a setting of supervised clinical practice in order that interns attain the optimal knowledge and skills for the practice of medicine in general and that they develop proper medical attitudes and ethics in accordance with the teachings of Islam. Internship is a period of transition from medical student to a qualified physician; a process through which an Intern acquires more confidence in handling patient, develops professional acumen, and applies the knowledge and skills in the practice of medicine appropriately.

Interns are 7th year medical students and are holder of MBBS degree after successful completion of the medical curriculum at the college of medicine but still have limited clinical experience. They are not licensed by the Saudi Commission for Healthcare Specialties (SCFHS) at this stage.


General Surgery 2 months
Internal Medicine 2 months
Pediatric 2 months
Obstetrics & Gynecology 2 months
Family Medicine (PHC) 1 month
Elective I1 month
Elective II1 month
Research Project * 1 month

 The research month is exclusively assigned for preparing a research dissertation. The students start preparing proposal in third year and are allowed to complete research before completing their MBBS program. It is compulsory to fulfil the requirements for getting certificate of completion of internship.

 Log Book


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