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King Faisal University

Research and Training Station

 Training and research department

  • Department of Animal Production
  • Agricultural Department
  • Public Relations and Community Service Department
  • Training and research department
  • Department of Technical and Engineering Affairs
  • Department of coordination and maintenance of faculty of Arts gardens
    This section is interested in documenting and following up of all research activities conducted in its departments. In addition, it documents the practical training of students from diverse disciplines in the fields of agricultural and food science, veterinary medicine, and livestock to qualify them practically and scientifically. Achieving these aims contributes to the development and raises awareness of plant and animal sectors of agriculture.

    Department tasks are summarized as follows:
    1. Reception and training of undergraduate and graduate students in addition to practically introducing them to designing, planning, and implementation of laboratory and field activities at the station sections.
    2. Training students on different agricultural processes, especially plants cultural practices in addition to sample collection, recording, and analysis of experimental results.
    3. Training students on conducting laboratory tests to analyze collected samples from plants, soils or animals. 
    4. Conducting all analyzes of soil, water and plants samples for the elements and proportions of the salinity and the components of the soil for faculties' members.
    5. Detection, identification, separation, and quantification of natural, organic, or biological compounds such as proteins, nucleic acids, enzymes, and pesticides using spectroscopic and colorimetric analytical methods.
    6. Conducting chemical, physical and biological tests of raw milk, fermented milk, yogurt, butter, and other food products.
    7. Conducting textures analysis tests using a TEXTURE ANALYSER device for samples of food products, vegetable products, chemical products, and different medicines for students and faculty members and outside factories.
    8. Implementing and follow-up of research conducted in the station departments and the follow-up of agriculture and service processes for the plants used in research.