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King Faisal University

Research and Training Station

 The College of Arts garden landscape Department

  • Department of Animal Production
  • Agricultural Department
  • Public Relations and Community Service Department
  • Training and research department
  • Department of Technical and Engineering Affairs
  • Department of coordination and maintenance of faculty of Arts gardens
  • Introduction:
    The department is a main service department at the University, as it provide the needed appeal to the buildings of the College of Arts to suit the scientific and social status of the university. The department also provides trees and flowers to college gardens in order to maintain a convenient psychological environment for students to enable them to perform their duties in such conditions. It also takes care of the landscaping, finely tune small and large trees, in addition to planting summer, and winter flowers.

    The main tasks of the department:
    1. Planting and the maintenance of palm trees.
    2. Planting and the maintenance of trees and shrubs.
    3. Planting and the maintenance of summer and winter flowers.
    4. Planting and the maintenance of landscaping.
    5. Maintaining and installing irrigation networks.

    The main duties of the department are:
    • Management and development of the college gardens.
    • Follow up the affairs of the landscaping and maintenance of the college gardens.
    • Providing aesthetic pattern on the college buildings.
    • Secure the Faculty of Arts Gardens needs of the external ornamental plants and flowers.
    • Maintain the college property.

    The most important daily work which is carried out by units of the section:
    1. Cut landscaping.
    2. Hoeing and weeding.
    3. Doing borders for flowers.
    4. Trim trees and shrubs and get rid of the unwanted parts.
    5. Maintenance of irrigation networks and the work of new networks.
    6. Cultivation of winter and summer flowers.
    7. Cut the dead fronds of palm and refrigerating.
    8. Fertilize palm by Urea.