Sunday 09/04/1440 - 16/12/2018

   Deanship of the preparatory year "female sections"   Organizes an activity entitled "A Message to my students"


Deanship of the preparatory year "female sections"
Organizes an activity entitled "A Message to my students"
Preparation: Ms. Arwa Abdullah Al Khatib
Photography: Student Hanouf al-Subaie

The Student Guidance Committee organized an activity at the female students  section entitled "Message to my students" in the Deanship of the Preparatory Year on Tuesday, 18-2-1439, corresponding to 8-11-2017, by means of a postage vehicle that was placed in the hall of the Deanship in the building..
The purpose of the activity is to conduct inspection visits to the students in order to raise awareness and help them overcome the problems that may be encountered during the school day and to conduct guided tours to educate the students to communicate with the Student Guidance Committee at the Deanship in case of receiving text messages or face any student or academic problemsm..
Guidance has been given to urge students to adhere to their lessons and not to be absent and how to deal with anxiety tests

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